You see stumbling blocks.
We see stepping stones to success.


Even the most talented athletes know good coaching is critical to their success. A good coach identifies their strengths and weaknesses, inspires and motivates, and develops programmes to help them reach their true potential.

At Clarendon Wallace we believe coaching is just as critical in your professional and personal life. We work closely with you to identify your goals and challenge you to make the changes and choices that will unlock your potential and help you lead a more balanced and fulfilled life. 

Our Corporate and Executive Coaching programmes show you creative, positive and powerful ways to transform how you work and live. 

You choose your race. We’ll cheer you on right to the finish line.

Executive Coaching


We provide senior executives with the tools to become more effective leaders, prepare for new roles and responsibilities, or lead teams through transitions. 

Professional & Management

 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

We help mid-level and upper management executives clarify their personal and professional goals and identify strategies to achieve them.

Work/Life Integration


Positive programmes to help you achieve a better work/life balance, prepare for a career move or work through challenges and transitions.